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Danilov V. I. , Gorbatenko V. V. , Zuev L. B. , Orlova D. V.

The presented work focus on the investigation of the elastic-plastic transition in materials with a sharp yield point occurring through the formation and ...

2018 г. / Materials Science and Engineering A. Vol. 714
Danilov V. I. , Gorbatenko V. V. , Zuev L. B. , Orlova D. V. , Danilova L. V.

Abstract—The development of Chernov—Luders bands on elastoplastic transition in low-carbon steel is investigated. The main factors responsible...

2017 г. / Steel in Translation. Vol. 47 - №. 10.
Aduev B. P. , Nurmukhametov D. R. , Belokurov G. M. , Nelyubina N. V. , Tupitsyn A. V.

Abstract–Results of studying optoacoustic characteristics of pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN) specimens with inclusions of ultrafine...

2018 г. / Optics and Spectroscopy. Vol. 124 - №. 3
Ergunova O. T. , Lizunkov V. G. , Blaginin V. A. , Politsinskaya E. V. , Shaykina (Glukhova) O. I.

The current research focuses on the solution to the challenge of finding balance in different energy resources pricing bends. Our research shows that incr...

2018 г. / International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy. Vol. 8 - №. 1.
Esaulov V. N. , Lizunkov V. G.

В исследовании рассматривается время царствования императора Александра I – очень интересной и противоречивой исторической личности – а также ...

2018 г. / Вопросы истории=Voprosy Istorii. №. 1
Р. Фереира, В. Г. Лизунков, Е. В. Полицинская

Проблема и цель. Исследуется проблема формирования предпринимательских компетенций в ответ на требования мирового рынка труда к современно...

2017 г. / Вестник Новосибирского государственного педагогического университета = Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University Bulletin. Т. 7 - №. 6.
Filippov A. V. , Rubtsov V. E. , Tarasov S. Y. , Podgornykh O. A. , Shamarin N. N.

Stability of a peakless tool turning on slender shafts was studied under conditions of low- and high-magnitude vibrations by registering and short-time Fo...

2018 г. / International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. Vol. 95 - №. 1-4.
Gorbatenko V. V. , Danilov V. I. , Zuev L. B.

We have studied the regularities in the evolution of macroscopic nonuniformities in the plastic flow of metals in the form of the Chernov–Luders ban...

2017 г. / Technical Physics. Vol. 62 - №. 3.
Lugovtsova N. Y. , Timofeeva S. S. , Demenkova L. G. , Filonov A. V.

The statistical analysis of air pollutant emission from stationary sources is carried out at large industrial centers in Kuzbass over the period from 2...

2017 г. / Eurasian Mining. №. 2
Petrova T. M. , Solodov A. M. , Solodov A. A. , Deychuli V. M. , Starikov V. I.

The water vapour line broadening and shifting for 97 lines in the v} + v2 + v3 band induced by hydrogen pressure are measured with Bruker IFS 125 HR FTIR ...

2018 г. / Molecular Physics Vol. 116 - №. 10
Rozhkov A. A. , Solovenko I. S. , Marchuk V. I. , Suzdalova M. A.

Статья посвящена 20-летию всероссийских «рельсовых войн», которые явились пиком протестного движения шахтеров в постсоветский период. Рассм...

2018 г. / Уголь = Ugol. №. 4 (1105)
Starikov V. I. , Chernysheva T. Y. , Knauss E.

The authors complete calculations of the boundary of adsorption lines of CO and CO2 molecules imder the limited volume. The cells with t...

2017 г. / Materials Science Forum. Vol. 906
Starikov V. I. , Petrova T. M. , Solodov A. M. , Solodov A. A. , Deychuli V. M.

An atom-atom interaction potential for the H2O–A system is proposed in a form that depends on the normal coordinates q of an H

2018 г. / Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics. Vol. 31 - №. 2.
Starikov V. I. , Petrova T. M. , Solodov A. M. , Solodov A. A. , Deychuli V. M.

The vibrational and rotational dependence of the effective isotropic interaction potential of H2О-Не and H2О -Аг system...

2017 г. / European Physical Journal D. Vol. 71 - №. 5
Starikov V. I.

Eleven resonance functions are calculated in the exact trajectory model, which can be used for calculation of broadening coefficients γ of molecular...

2017 г. / Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics. Vol. 30 - № 4
Starikov V. I. , Solodov A. A.

Calculations of line broadening and shift of carbon monoxide (CO) molecules confined in nanoporous media are presented. A model is considered...

2017 г. / Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics. Vol. 30 - №. 5
Torosyan V. F. , Chekhovskikh K. A. , Torosyan E. S.

It has been established that the highest water pollution levels in the river Tom are observed during the spring flood time. Seasonal variations of ...

2018 г. / Pollution Research. Vol. 37 - №. 1
Zaytsev K. V. , Lam K., Poleshchuk O. K. , Kuzmina L. G. , Churakov A. V.

The synthesis of two new groups of oligothienyl catenated silanes and germanes, Me5M2Thn (1a-b), Me5M2

2018 г. / Dalton Transactions. Vol. 47 - №. 15
Zuev L. B. , Gorbatenko V. V. , Danilov V. I.

The development of macroscopic plastic flow heterogeneities in metals in the form of Chernov– Luders bands and the Portevin–Le Chatelier effec...

2017 г. / Russian Metallurgy (Metally). Vol. 2017 - №. 4. - p. 231-236
Marchuk V. I. , Suzdalova M. A. , Nesteruk D. N. , Kvashnina D. A.

The priority task of modern Russia becomes its comprehensive modernization, the transition from the existing resource-based economy to a knowledge economy...

2017 г. / The European Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Vol. 26
Moiseev A. V. , Lizunkov V. G. , Kindaev A. Y.

The paper is focused on the issue of determining correct insurance rates, which are a key point in the interaction between insurers and the i...

2017 г. / The European Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Vol. 26.
Momot M. V. , Proskokov A. V. , Nesteruk D. N. , Ganiev M. L. , Biktimirov A. S.

Abstract. Article is devoted to the analysis of opportunities of electronic instruments, such as a gyroscope, the accelerometer, the magnetometer together...

2017 г. / IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. Vol. 221
Nagimov A. R. , Akhmetshin E. M. , Slanov V. P. , Shpakova R. N. , Solomonov M. P. , Iljyashchenko D. P.

In the modern regional management system, new principles, methods and tools should be used. The purpose of this paper is to substantiate theoretical and m...

2018 г. / European Research Studies Journal. Vol. 21. - Issue 2.
Iljyashchenko D. P. , Chinakhov D. A. , Mamadaliev R. A. , Danilov V. I. , Saranchin A. A.

The research paper presents findings obtained within the investigation on how dynamic properties of different welding power supply equipment influence ele...

2018 г. / Materials Science Forum. Vol. 927
Kuznetsov M. A. , Zernin E. A.

This paper presents an overview of applying nano-and ultra-disperse powders as modifiers in various procedures of arc welding, as well as in electro-slag ...

2018 г. / Materials Science Forum. Vol. 927
Moradi M. A. , Saadatmand D. .. , Evazzade I. .. , Babicheva R. I. , Soboleva E. G. , Srikanth N. .. , Zhou K. .. , Korznikova E. A. , Dmitriev S. V.

The Frenkel-Kontorova chain with a free end is used to study initiation and propagation of crowdions (antikinks) caused by impact of a molecule consisting...

2018 г. / Physical Review E. Vol. 98 - №. 2
Ovcharenko V. E. , Ivanov K. V. , Ivanov Y. F. , Mokhovikov A. A.

The structural-phase state of the 50 vol % TiC/50 vol % (Ni—Cr) surface layer of a metal-ceramic composite subjected to pulsed electron irradiation ...

2018 г. / Journal of Surface Investigation. X-ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques. Vol. 12 - №. 3.
Prokopenko S. A. , Vorobiev A.V.

Mining is the most resource-intensive industry in the world. One of the critical and expensive resources is a rock-breaking tool. Widely used tangential-r...

2018 г. / Eurasian Mining. №. 1
Rozhkov A. A. , Solovenko I. S.

В ноябре 1997г. постановлением Правительства РФ№ 1462 «О совершенствовании управления угольной промышленностью» были созданы два государственн...

2018 г. / Уголь = Ugol. №. 2 (1103).
Safonova M. S. , Iljyashchenko D. P. , Kucherov A. V. , Ling V. V. , Smirnova Z. V. , Bukhtiyarova I. N.

The selection is not resolved before the General problem. Some domestic scholars insist on the need to introduce special taxes for subjects of electronic ...

2017 г. / Journal of Advanced Research in Law and Economics. Vol. 8 - №. 8.
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