Detecting transition to chatter mode in peakless tool turning by monitoring vibration and acoustic emission signals

Авторы: Filippov A. V. , Rubtsov V. E. , Tarasov S. Y. , Podgornykh O. A. , Shamarin N. N.
Журнал: / International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. Vol. 95 - №. 1-4.
Год публикации: 2018


Stability of a peakless tool turning on slender shafts was studied under conditions of low- and high-magnitude vibrations by registering and short-time Fourier transformation (STFT) processing of acoustic emission (AE) and vibration acceleration (VA) signals. Both VA and AE signals have been registered in three positions of the cutting tool on the workpiece and for different shaft diameters. Both amplitude-and frequency-dependent AE and VA characteristics were obtained and analyzed for overall process signal length as well as for single frames. It was shown that power spectrum characteristic could be used for monitoring the fast-occurring changes in the cutting process stability. A criterion of the cutting process stability based on the power spectrum has been offered